Recording & Pausing TV

The world of television is changing. New functionality enables us to enjoy more TV and radio channels than ever before. This is taken a step further by providing additional flexibility over what we watch when we watch it with live-pause and record-to-disc functionality. Although satellite and cable companies such as Sky and Virgin Media have been offering this functionality for some time, it is subscription-based where people sign up for the service and pay a monthly subscription fee. In most cases, these subscribers have to upgrade their set-top boxes (Sky+ and V+Box) at an additional charge.

Did you know that it is possible to have this same functionality – record your favourite TV programmes to disc, pause live TV and enjoy TV-on-demand without having to pay a monthly subscription charge to Sky, Virgin Media or others? All with the same easy-to-use features and flexibility of recording multiple TV programmes whilst watching another channel - no tapes, no fuss.

Find out how you can take your TV viewing to another level and enjoy your favourite programmes when you want to watch them. Contact Hubbub about live-TV pause, recording your favourite programmes and internet-based catch up TV if you have missed your favourite programme.

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