Installation and Setup

In order for you to fully enjoy your Hubbub in-home television, computing and entertainment solution, our installation and set up service ensures everything is in excellent working order so you can enjoy your new solution. When all your equipment has been delivered, our professional, knowledgeable and highly trained staff, led by our Managing Director, John Lane, will arrange to come to your home at a time that suits you to check all the required equipment is there, install it, set it up and configure it. They will test all the components, and ensure that they are fully operational and work seamlessly.

They will leave behind your Hubbub know how pack. This pack provides you with all the details regarding your recent purchases and set up details. It will be the place where you can find your login details, security ID, and other information relevant to your solution. We will also provide information and fact sheets on specific solutions.

Our engineer will set up your hubbubknowhow account on our web site. Hubbubknowhow is our member’s site where you can find information on technologies, tips and tricks as well as free downloads and how to get in touch for advice.

Be assured that your solution is fully operational and working perfectly with no hassle to you.

What have you got to lose? Give us a call on 0131 552 7601 and get a little Hubbub know-how working for you.